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AVS stands for Auto VentShade. Pretty simple. But the parts they offer are anything but plain. They offer functional and stylish truck accessories. These are top-notch parts you need and want to get your hands on, not some fly-by-night company churning out junk to sell at a discount warehouse.

Auto Ventshade, or AVS, was founded in 1965 but can be traced back to the 1930s when they created the first vent visor. Think about that. Do you want products made from a new company who bases their creations on copying the original? Or would you rather products from a company who’s not only been around the block a few times, they were here with the block was built? We know who we’d go with.

Auto Ventshade Categories

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Items 1-9 of 9

More About Auto Ventshade

AVS has a huge list of products, starting with the vent visor category and moving to bug shields and light covers. You’ll find the Original Vent visor that’s been around for decades. Made of tough, durable acrylic, you’ll find it easy to crack your windows and let the fresh air come rolling in without wind noise or rain coming in. In-Channel Vent visors work the same as the regular vent visors, but fit into the window channel instead of being installed with double sided tape.

Low Profile Vent visors are great if you want the functionality of a regular vent visor, but with a more subtle look. And for even more style, go with a set of Chrome vent visors. These are chrome-dipped, not coated in some spray or stickers, so they’ll look like new for years.

To block the sun from barging in your back glass, get a Sunflector. It’s got UV ray blocking powers and lets air in if you’ve got a functional rear window.

For the older vehicles in your garage, grab a Venshade to install. These are for the older, classic vehicles with vent windows. You know, the vent windows with wind noise so loud you can’t even think? A Ventshade will help with that.

For more modern vehicles that have a sunroof, grab a Windflector so you can block the wind noise and crack the sunroof even in the rain.

If you enjoy off road driving or playing, grab a set of Aerovisor Off Road vent visors. These are larger and cover more area than the regular vent visors. They’ll keep mud and dirt chunks out of your truck even if you have the windows cracked.

Bug shields may be a dime a dozen in some aftermarket stores, but none can look as good as the Chrome Hood Shield. This bug shield adds style and class to your vehicle while protecting it from bug guts and rock chips. If you’d rather a dark smokey color, go with the BugFlector bug shield. If the Bugflector doesn’t cover enough for you, try the BugFlector II. This bug shield extends over the hood to protect the fenders also. If you’ve got a Ford or Dodge truck with the headlights that sit lower than the hood line, get a Bugflector Deluxe and protect your hood and fenders with the 3-piece bug shields.

The Hoodflector and Carflector are hood protectors that are made to fit the contours of your vehicles bodylines. They are made to be aerodynamic and flow with your ride so it’ll look good and be protected. If a bug shield just isn’t your thing, go with the Aeroskin. This is almost like a thick, durable sticker that is placed on your hood so it’s not very noticeable, but fully protects the front of your hood from bugs.

For dressing your truck up in major style, try some of the chrome products from AVS. Coated in chrome and made to OEM standards, the Chrome Door Lever Cover, Chrome Door Handles, Chrome Mirror Cover, Chrome Fuel Door and Chrome Tailgate Handle will put your truck into a new class. Chrome accessories are usually available in costly packages, never on base model trucks. You can add these flashy statements to your ride at any level.

If you want to change up the look of your truck’s front end, headlight covers are the way to go. Get a new look and protect your headlights at the same time. AVS has Projectorz, which are headlight covers that enhance projector beam style lights. These headlight covers set your truck apart from any crowd. If you’d rather a solid cover for your headlights, go with Smoke Headlight covers. These headlight covers completely cover the factory headlights, giving them the look of wearing sunglasses.

For a rear end style upgrade, check out Slotz. These are taillight covers that don’t block out the lights, but they add a ton of unique style to your truck’s rear end. If you want to black-out your taillights, go with a set of Tailshades. These taillight covers cover your entire taillight with a durable, smoked acrylic. If you want to change the look of the back of your truck, but don’t want the full-coverage taillight covers, go with Tailshades II. These are similar to the Projectorz in coverage. They are great for multi-lens taillights.

To really make a statement driving down the road or sitting still, install a hood scoop on your truck. A regular hood scoop or a cowl induction hood scoop make your truck look like it means business, no matter what’s under the hood. You get a cool looking performance hood for a fraction of the cost of an entire hood made with a hood scoop.

Moving to your truck’s interior, AVS makes a great product to protect your door sills. The StepShield covers the door sills and protects them from getting scratched or scuffed. It fits like a glove on your truck too. And if they don’t make one for your exact model, get the StepShield II. It’s a universal door sill protector that you can trim to fit any vehicle.

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