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Superchips is a recognized name in the automotive industry for making computer controlled programmers for tuning vehicles. Superchips got their start making these programmers for the British racing industry, but moved on down to Florida when they started making products for customers around the world. Now all of the Superchips products are made in the USA.

If you’re looking for a programmer for your vehicle, there is no more trusted place than Superchips. Shop get their programmers and products for your vehicle right here at Chux Trux.

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The best way to get the most power out of your engine is with performance programmers. Whether your engine is bone stock or full of aftermarket goodies, power programmers and performance chips can...More Details »
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More About Superchips

Superchips has a range of computer programmers and products to increase the performance, fuel efficiency and horsepower in your vehicle. The FlashPaq is a hand held performance tuner or programmer. You can choose from a variety of power levels and tune your vehicle from the engine to the transmission. The FlashPaq is available for gas and diesel engines.

The Vivid Performance Tuner is wireless and works through a Bluetooth connection. Easily set your tune for performance, off road, towing or fuel efficiency.

The Superchips TrailDash is the most advanced Jeep tuner on the market. It’s full of proven trail and street tunes set for your Jeep for the best performance possible. The color touch screen makes the tuning easy.

Jeep Trail Jammer EXT packs a serious punch using several parts, all packaged to fit your specific Jeep model. The package includes a Superchips Flashpaq programmer tuned for the trail, a cold air intake and hi flow throttle body. Put this trio together and you’ve got more horsepower torque and a fast throttle response.

You can grab expandable devices from Superchips like an ambient temperature sensor, OBDII extension cable, power switch, start kit cable and more.

The Superchips dash pod is a clean, OEM looking pod that holds your Jeep Trail Jammer device so you can easily see it. It’s custom molded for a seamless and clean fit.

Superchips has a lot to offer just about any vehicle needing more horsepower and performance.

Shop online at or stop in any of our 3 Kansas City stores for Superchips products.