Chux Trux, Inc. - Air Compressors & Air Systems

When you want real custom suspension you’ve got to go with air compressors and an air system. Or if you need an air compressor and tank for your Jeep, Chux has you covered. At Chux, we carry the best brand of onboard air compressors and systems in the industry, Viair and Airlfit. You won’t get better quality anywhere or any better service than here at Chux Trux.

More About Air Compressors & Air Systems

Air compressors come in handy for all sorts of applications. Bagged (low-rider) trucks and cars, train horns, air suspension, off-roaders and more need a quality air compressor and tank. For all of you guys in the weeds, if you want the best quality air suspension possible, you’ve got to start with the best air compressors on the market. Chux Trux has them in whatever size you need. We carry air systems from Viair and Airlift, so you know they’re good. We’ve got air compressor kits, air system accessories, fittings, hoses and much more. If you want the best air suspension and air system parts, stop at Chux Trux today.