Chux Trux, Inc. - Airbags & Air Suspension

Here at Chux, we know you love air bag suspensions. Who doesn’t?! They’re useful when you’re towing and plain badass when they’re coupled with a lowered suspension. That’s why we went ahead and got ourselves equipped with the best truck air bags on the market. If you’re ready for an air bag suspension, look right here at Chux for the best you can get.

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More About Airbags & Air Suspension

From air bags to air bags, we’ve got truck air bags you want for your suspension. We know the right air bag is just as important as the right engine or the right paint job on your truck. The wrong bags will barely move your truck, or they won’t fit right, or they just won’t work. Whatever kind of truck air bags you’re looking for, we’ve got them right here at Chux Trux.