Chux Trux, Inc. - Antenna's

Chux Trux carries a lot of products, but did you know we carry car and truck antennas? We’ve got antennas from All Sales Manufacturing Inc, (or AMI, if you prefer) and camouflage arrow antennas from Double Tree Archery. If you want better reception along with good looks, stop by Chux today and grab your new truck antenna.

More About Antenna's

Chux Trux carries big stick truck antennas that drastically improve your radio reception and looks of your truck. Factory antennas aren’t anything special, but aftermarket antennas are where it’s at. We’ve got the top quality name brands like AMI and Arrow Antenna’s. We’ve got big stick antennas, stubby antennas and arrow antennas, along with the best aftermarket antenna accessories you can buy. Come by Chux Trux today to get your truck antennas.