Chux Trux, Inc. - Fuel & Liquid Transfer Tanks

Liquid and fuel transfer tanks are hard to come by when looking at local truck accessory stores. No one ever has a good quality fuel transfer tank that’ll actually do what it’s supposed to do and be built to last. Your troubles are over. The experts at Chux Trux can get you the fuel or liquid transfer tank you’re looking for. We carry top brands like WeatherGuard, Dee Zee and Titan.

More About Fuel & Liquid Transfer Tanks

Fuel and liquid transfer tanks have to be quality made or it could create chaos on your next job. You can’t have diesel or gas spilling out of the fuel transfer tank. That’s like pouring money out on the street. Liquid and fuel transfer tanks can be found in many different styles to best fit your truck and your liquid transfer needs. Most liquid and fuel transfer tanks are available in either steel or aluminum materials. There are rectangle fuel transfer tanks that haul gallons of fuel or liquid safely. The L-shape fuel transfer tanks fit up next to the cab so you can still use your tool box. There are also wedge and square shaped liquid and fuel transfer tanks available. No matter what shape or material you need in your liquid and fuel transfer tank, the experts at Chux Trux can help you find exactly what’ll work best for you.