Chux Trux, Inc. - Headache Racks

Headache racks, or cab protectors, can literally save you from getting a headache. How? They form a wall of steel between you and the cargo shifting around in the bed of your truck. Imagine hauling around a barrel of whiskey. The guy in front of you is texting and isn’t watching the road. You end up rear ending his vehicle and that whiskey barrel comes tumbling towards your back glass at 60mph. Lucky for you, the headache rack is there to stop that barrel in mid-flight, saving your back glass and your head. If you haul any kind of cargo in your truck or if you’ve got fleet trucks for a business, you need a headache rack or cab protector. Find the best selection of headache racks and cab protectors at Chux Trux. They’re the experts on all things truck, so take their advice. They’ve got headache racks and cab protectors from WeatherGuard, HuskyLiners and BackRack.

More About Headache Racks

Headache racks, sometimes called cab protectors, come in several different styles and choices of materials. Most headache racks are made of heavyweight steel or aluminum material. The steel headache racks and cab protectors are available in white or black and most colored headache racks are powder coated for extra protection. The aluminum headache racks and cab protectors come in silver. Find the exact headache rack or cab protector for your truck and your job today at Chux Trux, the experts on all things truck.