Chux Trux, Inc. - Mud Flaps & Mud Guards

If you like keeping the paint on your truck nice and clean, grab some truck mud flaps. They’ll stay behind your tires and stop the mud, dirt, rocks and road debris from flying up and splattering down the paint on your truck. Mud guards also keep mud from being caked up under your fenders, so they prevent rust there too. Chux Trux carries the best brands of truck mud flaps and mud guards like Weather Tech, Husky Liner and Highland, so you won’t need to shop around.

More About Mud Flaps & Mud Guards

Truck mud flaps are an easy way to keep your truck’s paint looking good and free from nicks and rust. Mud guards protect the paint and metal under your fenders from mud, which is very important if you drive through mud a lot, or if you don’t wash your truck often. Mud builds up and causes rust, which will rot your inner fenders before you even realize there’s a problem. Get your mud guards or mud flaps at Chux Trux today and call it preventative maintenance.