Chux Trux, Inc. - Interior Lights & Ambient Lights

Nothing’s worse than a dull or yellow looking interior light. Change it out with LED interior lights and you’ll see a world of difference. Interior LED lighting makes a huge difference in the amount you can see and the atmosphere inside your vehicle at night. Just about any type of interior light can be swapped out for an LED light, so brighten up every aspect of your vehicle’s interior. Chux Trux carries all of the big name brands like Rigid, KCHilites, or KCHighlights, PIAA, Vision-X, ANZO, Rampage and Hella. Grab some LED interior lights to brighten up your vehicle’s interior to a brilliant level.

More About Interior Lights & Ambient Lights

LED interior lights are bright, white lighting that can be 18xs brighter than regular lights. Vehicles are now getting LED lights in place of headlights, so why not interior lighting? Most regular interior light bulbs are a soft, yellow glow. Nice for romantic evenings but not so great when you actually need to see things inside your vehicle. Grab some interior LED light bulbs and replace yours with these top name brands in the lighting industry: Rigid, KC Hilites, PIAA, Vision-x, ANZO, Rampage and Hella lights. Get all of your LED interior lights right here at Chux Trux.