Chux Trux, Inc. - Winch Accessories

An off road truck or Jeep without a winch just isn’t right. Get a truck winch from Chux today and you’ll have the power to maneuver just about any obstacle in your path. Pull friends out of the mud, pull yourself out of the mud, climb boulders, take on mountains, whatever adventure you want to try, go for it with a winch from Chux. You can choose from a Warn winch, Smittybilt winch or Bulldog winch. We’ve also got all of the winch accessories you could handle, like winch rope, snatch blocks, tow straps and more.

More About Winch Accessories

Don’t be caught in the mud without your truck winch. Leaving it behind is like forgetting your pants. Your winch can get you out of almost any type of bind or mud hole you come across. We carry only the best winches ever made so you can choose a winch from a Warn, Smittybilt or Bulldog Winch. Shop at Chux Trux to find the perfect truck setup for your truck or Jeep.