Chux Trux, Inc. - Jeep Tow Straps

It’s a good idea to never go out on the trails without a few extra Jeep tow straps. They’ll come in handy if you get high centered or if your friends get stuck in the mud. You can be their hero and save the day with your handy dandy tow straps. Chux Trux knows how important it is for heroes to have the right equipment, so we carry Keeper, Warn and Bulldog tow straps for your pleasure. Shop at Chux today to pick up a few extra Jeep tow straps.

More About Jeep Tow Straps

Grab a set of Jeep tow straps to keep in your rig for when, not if, you or your friends get stuck in a compromising position out on the trails. Chux has the top name brands in the tow strap business like Keeper, Warn and Bulldog. With these straps on board, you know you’re getting out of whatever mess you drove head first into. Shop at Chux Trux today to find the best Jeep tow straps for you.