Chux Trux, Inc. - Winches

Truck winches and Jeep winches come in handy whether you’ve gotten stuck in the mud or you’re pulling a friend out of the ditch. Don’t get caught without a winch, especially if you’ve got friends who can’t seem to keep it on the road. Depending on the size of your winch and your vehicle you can easily pull anything you want. Chux carries only the top makers of the finest winches around like Warn Winch, Bulldog Winch, SmittyBilt, BullDog Winch and T-Max Winches. There are so many different types and sizes of winches on the market today. Come visit the experts at Chux Trux and find the perfect winch for your truck.

More About Winches

Having a winch on your truck or Jeep can save you or a buddy a ton of trouble on the road and on the trail. Warn Winches, SmittyBilt, Bulldog and T-Max winches all have several different size winches that’ll work for just about anything you can try to pull, up to around 15,000lbs. You’ll find truck winches, utility winches, mid range winches, industrial winches, side winches and portable winches. You’ll also find all kinds of winch accessories. Visit the experts at Chux Trux and you’re guaranteed to find the perfect winch for your truck and your needs.