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Interior accessories have a special place in your truck, no pun intended. Exterior stuff is great and gets people looking your way. But interior accessories are what you’ve got to look at every time your slide your butt across that driver’s seat. On your way to work? A quick run for dinner? A drive-thru date? A 6 hour road trip to see the in-laws? You’ll see those interior choices you’ve made and have to deal with them, so better make sure they’re awesome. That’s where Chux comes in. We’ve got awesomely awesome auto interior accessories. Check ‘em out.

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We’ve got interior stuff that’ll make you more comfortable, like seat covers and sound dampening insulation. There’s also floor liners and floor mats to keep your truck clean, pet barriers to keep your pets safe and comfortable, rearview mirrors and cameras to keep you safer, consoles and storage bins to keep your organized. And then there are things like dashboard accents, dash kits, door sill plates and a ton of other interior accessories to keep things looking good.