Chux Trux, Inc. - Jeep Carpet

Nothing makes your Jeep feel like new more than a new Jeep carpet. It probably doesn’t come with a new-car smell, but automotive carpet makes the inside of your Jeep look pretty awesome. Chux Trux carries the Mack-daddy of automotive carpets. We’ve got Bedrug carpets and Rampage carpets that’ll fit your Jeep like new, and in some cases, better than new. Shop at Chux today and get the best Jeep carpet you’ll find anywhere.

More About Jeep Carpet

Since most people abuse their Jeep carpets, you could probably use a new automotive carpet any day now. Just because a Jeep is a little more on the wild side than a minivan doesn’t mean your passengers can just hop on in with dirty, muddy shoes. But they do it anyway. And your Jeep’s carpet takes the abuse. Get a new Bedrug or Rampage carpet for your Jeep and make it look awesome and clean again from the inside. Chux Trux has the best Jeep carpets so pick yours today.