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Keeping your pet safe in your vehicle is as easy as installing a car pet barrier or SUV pet barrier. Auto pet barriers keep your dog separate from the other passengers, keeping him from climbing all over passengers, seats or getting in your face while you’re trying to drive. A car pet barrier also keeps your pet contained in case he’s sick. You don’t need THAT on your leather seats. Chux Trux carries Weather Tech and Highland SUV and auto pet barriers along with pet ramps. If you’ve got a large pet, use pet ramps to load them into your SUV instead of throwing out your back from an 80lb Fido. Shop at Chux today for your pet barrier and pet ramps.

More About Pet Barriers, Ramps & Other Pet Related

Car pet barriers and pet ramps were made to make your life easier and simple. Keep your dogs, cats, goats or potbelly pigs safely contained with an auto pet barrier so they can’t roam around while doing 75mph on the highway. That just isn’t safe for anyone. If you need help loading an heavy pet into a tall SUV or truck, get a pet ramp along with the car pet barrier from Weather Tech or Highland right here at Chux Trux.