Chux Trux, Inc. - Sound Dampening Insulation

Sound dampening material is useful in your truck for a couple of reasons. You can wrap your speaker boxes with sound insulation and get a better, clearer sound. Line your cab floor and firewall with sound insulation and you’ll not only have a quieter cab, you’ll reduce the heat coming from the engine into the cab. Line any part of your truck with sound insulation material and you’ll reduce the heat and noise coming inside. Shop for Hushmat sound dampening material from Chux Trux today.

More About Sound Dampening Insulation

Sound dampening material can solve several issues inside your truck including noise and heat reduction. Line your firewall, roof, doors and floor to keep the heat outside of your truck. This use of sound insulation also keeps road noise to a minimum. It blocks out a lot of rattling or exhaust noise too. Chux Trux carries Hushmat, some of the best sound dampening material on the market today. Shop for sound insulation now to cut back on the heat and noise in your truck.