Chux Trux, Inc. - Jeep Light Bars

Jeep light bars come in handy in just about any situation where you’re in the dark. Light bars not only shine as bright or brighter than your headlights, they can be mounted in several places on your Jeep, like on the bumper, grille or overhead bars. Chux Trux has Jeep light bars from the best makers in the business: KC Hilites, Warn, Smittybilt, Rugged Ridge, Aries and NBRP.

More About Jeep Light Bars

Jeep light bars come in many different types and configurations. You can find single row light bars, double row light bars, LED light bars, halogen light bars, Jeep off road light bars or for specific models like Jeep Wrangler light bars, Jeep TJ light bars and more. Here at Chux we only offer the best, so we have Warn, Smittybilt, KC Hilites, Rugged Ridge, Aries and NBRP to offer you. Shop at Chux today and find the perfect light bar for you.