Chux Trux, Inc. - Jeep Hi-Lift Jacks & Jack Accessories

If you’re a serious Jeep driver, you need a Jeep Hi-lift jack. Any time you go off road into the mud, mountains, rocks, desert or other terrain, the chances of an accident occurring are there, but tow trucks and AAA isn’t. You’ll need a way to get your Jeep unstuck or up off the ground on your own. This is where Hi-lift jacks come in. Position it just about anywhere and it’ll lift just about anything. You can also get Jeep jack accessories like a jack base, handle keeper, cover and more right here at Chux Trux.

More About Jeep Hi-Lift Jacks & Jack Accessories

A Jeep Hi-lift jack can save you even in extremely tough messes. With 48” of lifting room, a Hi-lift jack can be your hero when you’re stuck on a big rock, when your wheel comes off or in other situations in your lifted Jeep. Get Jeep Hi-lift jacks and jack accessories from Hi-lift and Daystar right here at Chux Trux.