Chux Trux, Inc. - Jeep Sound Bars and Speakers

If you’re the type of person who actually wants to hear music while driving down the highway with the top down, get a Jeep sound bar. Not only do they blow factory speakers out of the water, they are positioned at the top of your Jeep, so they’re closer to your ears. Who needs speakers to serenade their feet? Chux Trux has Rugged Ridge and Bestop speaker bars ready to ship straight to you right now. Don’t wait another minute.

More About Jeep Sound Bars and Speakers

Jeep sound bars can save you from a dull, boring conversation. Crank up the music with factory speakers while the top is down and it’s a little ridiculous. Crank up the speakers on the sound bar and no matter where your top is, everyone is going to hear this music. Chux Trux carries the Jeep accessory specialists Rugged Ridge and Bestop. Shop at Chux today to get the best Jeep sound bar out there.