Chux Trux, Inc. - Jeep Spare Tire Carriers

As a Jeep owner, you’ve got to get a real Jeep tire carrier. We’re not talking about some frilly little accessory you can find at the local auto part store in an assortment of colors. We’re talking thick plate, welded frames, beefy construction and a lifetime of use. If you’ve got big tires, your Jeep spare tire carrier is even more important. Shop at Chux Trux today to find the Jeep tire carrier for you.

More About Jeep Spare Tire Carriers

A Jeep spare tire carrier doesn’t sound that exciting, but when you’re out on the trail and in desperate need of a spare tire, you’ll appreciate it. A Jeep spare tire carrier is strong enough to hold even oversized, heavy tires so you’ll have easy access to a spare. A regular spare tire carrier won’t cut it for some big rock climbing tires like yours. Shop for a Smittybilt, Warn, AEV or other fabulously beefy Jeep tire carrier right here at Chux Trux.