Chux Trux, Inc. - Light Mounts

Light mounts, wiring and light bars for trucks are all essential truck accessories if you think about it. Who doesn’t need to see better? And who wants their light bars falling off going down the road because the light mount kit wasn’t used correctly? And don’t even get started on bad wiring…everyone knows that wiring is what makes or breaks your automotive lighting. Get the best of them all right here at Chux Trux. We’ve got Lazerstar, Rigid and KC HiLites for you to choose from.

More About Light Mounts

Light bars for trucks are hot. Not because they’re very powerful and emit heat, but because they point a massive amount of light at whatever you aim them at, they’re safely attached to your truck with a light mount kit and the wiring is done correctly with a proper wiring kit. Can’t get much better than that. Shop right here at Chux Trux for Lazerstar, Rigid and Kc HiLites and find light bars for trucks, light mounts and wiring kits.