Chux Trux, Inc. - Throttle Body Spacers

If you want to improve your engine’s efficiency, you can’t go wrong with an Airaid throttle body spacer. A throttle body spacer pulls the air from the air intake and throws it into a spinning vortex. This creates a huge rush of cool air that dives into the air intake manifold creating more power. At Chux, we’ve got throttle body spacers that’ll make you and your engine happy.

More About Throttle Body Spacers

If you want your engine to perform at a higher level, use a throttle body spacer. Your engine needs the air that is sucked in through the air intake so it can run efficiently. A throttle body spacer take that air and throws it into a tailspin, forcing more air at a time into the engine. This means more fuel efficiency and possibly more power. Get your Airaid throttle body spacer right here at Chux Trux now.