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Performance brakes and performance rotors aren’t always what you’re looking for when your brakes are squealing, but you’ll be glad you upgraded the first time you need to stop on a dime. Chux Trux has the best brakes and rotors on the market too, with Baer Brakes, SSBC Brakes, Powerstop and EDC brakes, rotors and parts.

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When it’s time to replace the brakes and rotors on your truck, go with performance brakes and performance rotors. Not only will your truck stop better, you might not realize that you need bigger braking parts. If you’ve got aftermarket wheels and tires on your truck that are several sizes larger than the factory wheels, you’ve probably noticed a difference in braking. The heavier wheels can put a bigger strain on your factory brakes. Aftermarket brakes and rotors can make a big difference in braking performance. Order your new set of performance brakes and performance rotors from Chux Trux today.