Chux Trux, Inc. - Sway Bar Disconnects and Accessories

For serious rock crawling, you’ll need a Jeep sway bar disconnect. Sway bar disconnects allow you to easily disconnect your sway bar from the suspension. Doing this keeps your tires in contact with the ground, even if it means your tires are very uneven, which makes for awesome looking Facebook pictures. Chux Trux has great sway bar disconnects from JKS, Hellwig and ___?

More About Sway Bar Disconnects and Accessories

Jeep sway bar disconnects are made to make your life easier out on the trail. Quickly disconnect your sway bar when you’re ready to hit the rocks and reconnect them just as quickly before you get back on the road. Chux Trux has JKS sway bar disconnects, Hellwig disconnects and ___? Sway bar disconnects.