Chux Trux, Inc. - Urethane Kits & Bushings

Urethane suspension bushing kits directly replace the factory bushings on your vehicle. Factory bushings are great, but not forever. After a few years of wear and tear, off road abuse, weather and other factors, they dry out and get sloppy. Replace the junk with a urethane bushing kit and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how these little parts can make such a big difference. Chux carries Prothane, Daystar and Aeg suspension urethane bushings.

More About Urethane Kits & Bushings

Urethane suspension bushings are so much stronger and hold up so much better than factory bushings. They aren’t affected by weather conditions, chemicals, mud or anything else so they’ll probably last forever. They’ll take a beating and keep going, unlike factory suspension bushings. Get your set of Daystar, Prothane or AEG urethane suspension bushings from Chux Trux today.