Chux Trux, Inc. - Hitch Mounted Baskets & Bike Racks

If you love having extra space, like that bonus hall closet, you’ll love what a hitch mounted bike rack and hitch mounted cargo basket can do for you. You’ll have room for extra stuff and for stuff that you just don’t want in your truck. That ice chest that you forgot to clean and now smells like an old fridge that’s got spoiled produce in it can now ride outside the truck. And with a bike rack you can easily haul your bike with you everywhere. Shop at Chux Trux to find Curt Manufacturing or Highland hitch mounted bike racks and hitch mounted cargo baskets.

More About Hitch Mounted Baskets & Bike Racks

Get all the extra space you can handle for your truck or SUV with hitch mounted cargo carriers. Bikes, ice chests, luggage, furniture and anything else you need to haul, but just don’t have the space for, can now be strapped down safely. Chux Trux carries the best of the best with Curt Manufacturing and Highland hitch mounted cargo baskets and hitch mounted bike racks. Shop at Chux for your hitch mounted products today.