Chux Trux, Inc. - Tow Bars

If you want the safest towing trip possible, use a truck tow bar to get where you’re going. A tow bar keeps a safe distance between you and whatever you’re hauling behind your truck. Tow bars are very strong and can pull up to around 5000lbs. Some tow bars are adjustable and can fit just about every need you can imagine. Pick out your truck tow bars at Chux Trux today and choose from Blue Ox tow bars or Curt Manufacturing tow bars.

More About Tow Bars

A truck tow bar makes pulling vehicles or other loads safe and easy. No more chains or tow ropes to get tangled, and no more worrying about the other vehicle running into your rear bumper in turns or when stopping. A tow bar makes towing safe even down the highway. Pick out your Blue Ox tow bar or a tow bar from Curt Manufacturing from Chux Trux today.