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Chux Trux sells and installs vinyl wraps and custom graphics, window tinting, and remote start systems. The best products, the best service and the best value in Kansas City.

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Wraps, Tint, Remote Starts - Matte Finish Color Change Wraps
Scroll Down for More Info and photos  Matte finish wraps have never been more popular.  The fastest way to give your Kansas City car, truck or Jeep an update is to wrap it in a...More Details »
Wraps, Tint, Remote Starts - Hood and Roof Wraps
Wrapping your hood or roof can be one of the fastest ways to make a dramatic improvement in your ride. Click the box below to see what how these vehicles are transformed by adding another color,...More Details »
Wraps, Tint, Remote Starts - Custom Stripes and Custom Graphic Wraps
Take your vehicle up a notch with custom stripes and graphics. Matte black, carbon fiber, metallics and more. From mild to wild, Chux can help make your car, truck, Jeep or SUV turn heads wherever...More Details »
Wraps, Tint, Remote Starts - Commercial and Fleet Vehicle Wraps
Make your business stand out from competitors with a vinyl wrap. It's the only thing besides your website that promotes you 24/7/365. Grow your business, promote your events, build sales and...More Details »
Wraps, Tint, Remote Starts - Misc Custom Vinyl Wrapped Items
Chux Trux of Kansas City can wrap almost anything. We've wrapped all sorts of items with custom graphics, patterns and more. Want your office door to look like a submarine door? We can do that....More Details »
Wraps, Tint, Remote Starts - Camo Wraps
Make your truck (or car, ATV, UTV or whatever you want) disappear! Ok, it won't disappear, but installing a camoflauge vinyl wrap in RealTree, Mossy Oak and other top brands will make it look right at home in the backwoods of America.
Wraps, Tint, Remote Starts - Free Helmet Wraps for Kids With Flat Spot Syndrome
Chux Trux offers a free helmet wrap for children's helmets who have been diagnosed with Plagioceply or "flat spot syndrome". Kids undergoing treatment requires cranial remolding or orthosis...More Details »
Wraps, Tint, Remote Starts - Window Tint
Don't trust your $30,000 ride to some fly-by-night startup. Get your windows tinted by Kansas City's experts at customizing. With a lifetime warranty, exceptional service and peace of mind that...More Details »
Wraps, Tint, Remote Starts - Clear Bras and Paint Protection Wraps
Want to protect the front end and hood of they expensive car? Install paint protection on your front end, or part of it. Clear, mylar film bonds to your vehicle (non-permanent and removable) to...More Details »
Wraps, Tint, Remote Starts - Smoked Tail Lights
Wrap your tail lights in a light tint for a custom look. Offers protection from fading, chips and stellar good looks. Click the "See Details" button below for complete info.
Wraps, Tint, Remote Starts - Remote Starts - Car Alarms - Seat Heaters
All prices for remote starts include professional installation and the bypass module, except European vehicles. European vehicle owners need to call to see if it will work on your year/make/model as these require extra labor to install.