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Want to protect the front end and hood of they expensive car? Install paint protection on your front end, or part of it. Clear, mylar film bonds to your vehicle (non-permanent and removable) to protect against rock chips, road debris, nasty bugs and more. It's more affordable than you think, and MUCH cheaper than repainting it.

More About Clear Bras and Paint Protection Wraps

If you love how your paint looks on your vehicle, you’d better come to Chux Trux and get a clear car bra today. It’s paint protection for the front of your vehicle from bugs, rocks, road debris and chipping.

The clear film is cut to precisely fit your vehicle’s contours. We place it on using techniques that’ll help it last for years without peeling or coming off from regular washing. The film is completely clear and no one will even notice it on your vehicle. It’s made to work in place of the usual black leather-like car bras. You might not like the look of that kind of bra on your vehicle, or may not be able to find one to fit your vehicle. Plus, you probably want the peace of mind that it won’t rub off that factory paint job underneath. That’s where the clear paint protection comes in.

We can design a clear car bra to protect almost every inch of the front of your vehicle, no matter your make or model. You can choose to have the bra cover the front of the hood, around the grille, the front bumper, over your headlights, the front of the fenders or all of the above. This thick, clear material deflects bugs, rocks and other small debris that cause those annoying and expensive chips in your paint.

The best thing about these clear bras is you can’t see it, won’t notice it and won’t think twice about it after we install it. It’s nearly invisible, but it is a little different than the shiny finish on your paint. It looks a little dull under light, but still much less noticeable than regular car bras and most people won’t notice it at all.

This paint protection won’t harm your paint and when you want to take it off, just peel it from a corner. This can also help keep the resale value of your vehicle higher than the same vehicle with a ton of bug guts and rock chips along the front of the hood.

The cost of a clear car bra varies depending on how much you want covered (just the hood vs. hood, headlights, bumpers, etc.), the number of pieces, and the overall square footage. A Mazda Miata is going to cost less than a Ford Super Duty because of the difference in surface area. Overall, the price ranges from about $200 - $600 depending on your vehicle and number of pieces needed.

So come by Chux Trux today to look at all the cool vinyl and wrap options we’ve got and to get an accurate quote on your specific needs.