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Make your truck (or car, ATV, UTV or whatever you want) disappear! Ok, it won't disappear, but installing a camoflauge vinyl wrap in RealTree, Mossy Oak and other top brands will make it look right at home in the backwoods of America.

More About Camo Wraps

Camoflauge vinyl wrapWhen you’re looking for a new look for your vehicle, you can’t get much better than camo vinyl wrap. Camouflage is pretty damn cool on its own. It’s practical when you want to blend into the background of nature. But it demands attention when not in the natural environment. Take that and literally wrap it around your car and you’ve got it going on.

If you’re looking for camouflage wrap in Kansas City, then Chux Trux is the place to go. Here at Chux Trux we’ve wrapped a lot of cars, trucks and SUVs in camo vinyl. We can tell you it looks great on just about everything. We aren’t saying you should wrap your new Porsche is some RealTree camo wrap, but if you did, it’d still look awesome. Camo truck wrap

Speaking of RealTree, we carry several different styles, types and brands of camo vinyl for you to choose from.  We’ve got 3M military camo in desert and green. There’s red tiger camo with black, gray, white and red coloring. That’s the one you see on some famous rapper’s Lamborghinis and tennis shoes.

For the outdoor types we’ve got RealTree in Max -1, 4 & 5, Xtra, Xtra Green, AP, APS, APG and APC. We’ve also got MossyOak Winter, Break-Up, Shadow Grass Blades, Obsession, Tree Stand, Duck Blind, Bottomland, Brush, Break-Up Pink, Break-Up Infinity and Country. If you can’t find the camo vinyl wrap you want in this list, it ain’t out there.

We can wrap your entire vehicle from the front bumper to the rear taillights. If you want just the paint covered in vinyl, we can do that. If you want every emblem, light, handle and mirror covered, we can do that too.

Camo vinyl wrap on truck. The great thing about having your vehicle wrapped here at Chux Trux is we do an awesome job. We aren’t just saying that, it’s the truth. You will leave here with your vehicle wrapped by professionals who pay attention to the little details. You don’t want to drive away and have to come back a few weeks later with your camo vinyl wrap flapping in the wind. We pay extra special attention to things like edges, corners, intricate details that need special handling to look good and last for years. Yes, years.

When we wrap your vehicle, it’ll usually last between 5-7 years. Take it through the brushless car wash, we dare you. And if you decide you don’t want to parade around in camoflage vinyl wrap anymore, just peel it right off and choose your next statement wrap, or polish your paint to look like it did before the wrap went on. Come on over to Chux Trux in Kansas City and we’ll take care of you and your vehicle. Close up of camo vinyl wrap