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Make your business stand out from competitors with a vinyl wrap. It's the only thing besides your website that promotes you 24/7/365. Grow your business, promote your events, build sales and maintain top-of-mind presence when customers need your services. All for about $1 a day.

More About Commercial and Fleet Vehicle Wraps

Commercial and fleet vinyl wraps help show off your business message to anyone who sees your vehicle.

  • The highest quality material is used for the longest lasting wear. 
  • Choose any images, logos and designs you want for your business.
  • Professionally installed to last for years and get your money’s worth.   
  • Markets your business 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Protects your vehicle’s paint underneath the vinyl wrap.  
  • Only available at our Independence, Mo. location.


Commercial and Fleet vinyl wraps help advertise your business at every red light, stop sign, parking lot and street. Spend just over $1 a day and get your business seen all over town. Use vinyl wrap for your name, slogan, products, services or to spread special messages.

How much does a commercial vehicle wrap cost? Wrap pricing varies based on cost of materials, square footage covered, difficulty of install and art work required.

For example, wrapping items such as door handles is a lot of extra work. On some vehicles it’s easier to do than others, but it still takes time.   Wrapping bumpers is harder than wrapping a flat surface since all bumpers curve top to bottom and left to right (around corners, so to speak).  Unlike on color change wraps where the entire vehicle is wrapped in the same material, commercial wraps need artwork done by a graphic artist specially trained in wraps. They also need the correct software that has the exact vehicle dimensions, spacing between doors, windows, body lines, etc.  Commercial wraps are printed in sections for the different sections of the vehicle.  It takes a lot of planning in advance to make sure logos and text don't end up on a curve or other tricky places that may make it hard for your customers to read.  Nothing worse than them seeing your awesome company vehicle and not be able to read the phone number.  

Fleet and commercial wraps are priced $1,799 and up for full vehicle wraps. Partial wraps are also available for the budget minded. Graphic design and artwork usually runs an additional $400-$500 for most projects. Since vinyl wraps last around 5 years when properly maintained, many wraps only cost about $1 a day.  Not a bad investment in marketing your business!

If you’re looking for the best company vehicle wrap in Kansas City, the experts at Chux will hook you up with a great deal, great service and great experience.

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