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Wrap your tail lights in a light tint for a custom look. Offers protection from fading, chips and stellar good looks. Click the "See Details" button below for complete info.

More About Smoked Tail Lights

Smoked tail lights
Want a subtle change in the look of your vehicle and protect your lights at the same time? Go for some smoked tail lights. You can choose from several different colors, not just the smoky gray or black. Smoked tail lights make your light colored vehicle stand out and gives dark vehicles a stealthy look.

Think you can do it yourself? Think again. Want to try painting your lights with tint-paint? It’s messy, permanent and can get all over your actual paint. It’s not worth it. Or maybe you’ve watched the videos online about the method that has you removing your lights and putting them in the oven to bake some paint on them. Yeah, steer clear of cooking your car parts.

Go with the easy, safe and removable method. Tinted vinyl.

We’ve got several shades of tinted vinyl that’ll look great on your head lights or tail lights, will last as long as you need it, protects your lights and comes off when you decide. How could you choose any other way?

We apply the vinyl using top quality material and techniques. You get a professional finish that’ll protect your light lenses from chips, fading and oxidation while looking pretty cool in the process. It’s a win-win.

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Smoked tail ights