Independence Automotive Accessories by Prestige Fender Flares

Prestige Fender Flares automotive parts are available to you in Independence, MO at Chux Trux! Find all the Prestige Fender Flares accessories you need including Fender Flare, and much more!

About Prestige Fender Flares

Empower Group, is a family owned and operated business in the automotive aftermarket industry since 2001. In 2006, the Prestige division was created and the production of Truck and SUV fender flares commenced. As automotive enthusiasts for decades, were filled with passion for perfection. With a well balanced management team of over 64 combined years, we are experienced in the automotive restyling, OEM replacement, performance, and 12volt industries, and also are professionals in sales, marketing, design, manufacturing and distribution. Prestige develops unique product designs and finishes that are exclusive to the industry. Our use of robotics and laser technology ensures the production of precision and quality products. Since the inception of Prestige, we are proud to have had the opportunity to partner with many major retailers and distributors. Prestige corporate operates in a new 16,000 sq ft facility, in Allen Texas (a northern suburb of Dallas), which houses its corporate staff, design team, and inventory warehousing. Prestige manufacturing operates in a state of the art 45,000 sq ft facility, with a daily production capacity of over 3000 sets of flares. Continued growth will be achieved with the dedication to customer satisfaction, professional attitude, brand recognition and timely introduction of new products and services. Our Mission: a commitment to provide excellent customer service and superior products is our number one goal.1289

About Chux Trux

Chux began as an idea back in 1990. At the time there were very few automotive accessory stores and mini trucks were very popular. I was a mini truck enthusiast. After working in the world of auto parts for most of my life and after that the cell phone business and part time pin-chaser in a bowling alley, I put together a business plan using books from the library, consulted with some guys I knew from a local wholesale automotive supplier and started going to banks for funding. I visited quite a few banks but after about 9 months, I was granted an SBA backed loan and started looking for buildings. After a long search I ended up at a small shop that sat way back off the road in Independence, Mo. on the east side of Kansas City. The building had been a Taylor Rental store (division of Stanley Tools) and Taylor had many years remaining on the lease even though they had closed the store. On June 1, 1991 Chux Trux opened for business. The first day I sold 1 bugshield. That’s all. The first month we totaled 12,000 in sales. Same the second month. There was one other employee at the time but he didn’t always show up for work. After a month went by, I let him go. For the next two months I sold and installed everything. The business was growing. In September, Shawn Shipers wandered in and we hit it off. I asked him if he needed a job and he said yes. He was from Pattonsburg, Mo. I had never heard of it. Today, we have grown to multiple locations with over 2 dozen employee’s, including a commercial division selling B2B including car dealers, contractors, municipalities and more.