ARE LSII Painted Fiberglass Tonneau Cover for Dodge Ram

ARE LSII Fiberglass Tonneau Cover.  The best tonneau cover you can buy.  Better than Leer, better than Snugtop / Snuglid and better than just about any other hard tonneau cover on the market.

 ARE LS2 Tonneau Cover





Image is a representative image of an ARE LSII tonneau cover only and is not the actual cover that is on clearance




This is a clearance page for a unit that was ordered incorrectly, shipped incorrectly, has minor flaws, etc., or in some cases they may be slightly used tonneau cover.  Since fiberglass units cannot be returned, we got stuck with them, so YOU WIN!  You save big bucks and we get rid of inventory on hard, painted truck bed covers!



One these units are gone, they are gone.  Forgive us if one isn't removed from our website immediately

  • This listing is for one (1) unit, Serial Number N2091981
  • Location: Independence, MO store
  • Fits 2009-current Dodge Ram
  • Bed Length: 5'1" bed
  • Color:  PS2 Silver
  • Condition: 


Regular price:  $1,099.99 plus installation

Clearance Price: $750.00 INSTALLED

  • You save: $350!!

Notes about condition:

  • A = Nearly perfect.  May have minor scratches or blemishes but is in most regards a "first quality" unit
  • B = Some minor damage.  May have more noticable scuffs or scratches, but could still be easily reconditioned. All hardware in good operating order
  • C = More noticable issues.  One or more of the paint, trim or hardware areas could need replacing or reconditioning, but is structurally sound
Keep in mind, these are heavily discounted truck bed covers (tonno covers) and even though some of them are not perfect, they present an ENORMOUS value and a chance to buy a top of the line model at a discounted price!

All prices are FIRM

Price INCLUDES installation!