Death Wobble | Shaking Jeep

On older vehicles with track bars (excluding YJ Wrangler), wear of the track bar tie rod end or bushing end can cause death wobble. Alignment can also cause it (you'd be surprised how many people install a lift and then call that they have death wobble before they've aligned it).

Tire size does play a bit of a factor in that the larger the tire, generally the less caster you need. The coil spring Jeeps have a spec around 7 degrees (I believe some are as low as 5).

On older vehicles, death wobble is most likely caused by loose, worn, or weak components. Your tire/wheel assembly is a giant gyroscope, spinning down the road. When it hits a bump, if the steering and/or suspension components cannot control the shake, it will continue to shake until they can (usually when you slow down the spinning gyroscope it can be controlled again).

Find the loose/worn/weak component and you'll cure the death wobble.

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