Wheel Care Recommendations | How to take care of your wheels | Chrome Wheel Care

· Salt and dirt are destructive to the finish of your wheels and will cause them to form pits. Pitting is not covered under warranty. You must keep them clean in order to maintain the finish. For chrome wheels, you can wash them with soap and water. Use a soft sponge to apply the soap, then rinse. Use a chamois to dry them. If you do not dry them, the minerals in the water may leave permanent spots. For polished aluminum wheels, also use soap and water. Periodically, you will need to use a polish to remove oxidation. We recommend Wenol or Mothers.

· Wax your wheels periodically just as you would your vehicle.

· Brake dust contains tiny bits of metal which may cause small pits if left on too long.

· CHUX does not recommend any of the “spray on – rinse off” cleaners.

· When cleaning tires, avoid getting the cleaner on the wheels. CHUX recommends spraying the cleaner on tire swipes or a sponge so overspray does not end up on the wheel.

Wheels carry a lifetime structural warranty to the original purchaser. Chrome plated aluminum wheels carry a one to two year warranty against peeling depending on the brand you selected. Pitting is not covered. There is no finish warranty on polished wheels. Most problems that occur in the finish come from wear and maintenance. You should wash your vehicle (including wheels) frequently to minimize some of the uncontrollable elements we all encounter.

· Performance tires do not work as well in inclement weather as all season tires. CHUX recommends installing your original wheels/tires for winter use.

· Your wheels were torqued twice to the following specs. New wheels/lug nuts need to be checked after 25 miles. CHUX TRUX will do this free of charge.

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