What to Expect from a Lifted Vehicle


· If using a name brand manufacturer’s kit combined with experienced installation, you can expect a near factory ride from most independent front suspension vehicles. Leaf spring trucks will ride stiffer than original.

· Lifted vehicles have different handling characteristics. Wider tires such as those found on lifted vehicles have more contact with the pavement than stock tires. Therefore, they have a tendency to grab cracks and grooves in the road quicker than a stock tire. As a result, vehicles with larger tires require front end alignments more frequently and regular tire rotation to maintain proper tire wear. We recommend a steering stabilizer with all kits.

· Although using the largest tire/wheel combination possible looks the best, this will sometimes result in the tire slightly rubbing the inner fender or bumper while turning. While this normally causes no damage, it can be an irritant. If you want absolutely no rubbing, ask your salesperson for the maximum tire/wheel size that fits without rubbing.

· Most of our suspension kits include urethane bushings in place of the original rubber bushings. Urethane is a harder material that improves performance. However, when dry, urethane can squeak. Periodically, urethane bushings will need to be sprayed with a lubricant such as lithium grease.

· An upgraded braking system should be considered when adding larger tires and or wheels. This increase in diameter and weight can reduce braking power by as much as 17% which in turn can increase stopping distances.

· Fender flares, mud flaps and running boards affect the size of tire you can use on a lifted vehicle. Please tell your salesperson if your vehicle has any of these.

· When we install one of our recommended suspension kits, all parts including shocks but not including shock bushings carry a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser. Installation has a one year warranty except for the front end alignment which carries a 30 day warranty.

· Beginning in 2009, all trucks are required to have Vehicle Stability Control or Electronic Stability Control. Sensors detect over steer or under steer conditions and correct by gently applying the brakes to one of the front wheels. You can experience this by accelerating around a corner faster than normal or simply turning in circles in a parking lot. Larger wheel/tire combinations can exaggerate this slightly so you could experience this more often.

· Suspension kits not only vastly improve the looks of a vehicle but also increase the ground clearance for off road driving. Most people that have owned a lifted vehicle never go back to a stock height vehicle. When properly maintained, a lifted vehicle can provide years of enjoyment and reliability.

If you have any more questions on this topic, please feel free to contact us.