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Window Tinting Chux Trux

Chux Tint is the best window tinting shop in Kansas City.  Chux has added a 2 bay auto window tint shop at the Independence location. Chux window tinting is guranateed for life. Our skilled window tinting technician will ensure your auto tint is completed to your satisfaction. Tinting packages start at $77. Call 816-373-0593 to speak to a tint specialist. Car tint appointments are encouraged but if you stop by and we're not tinting another vehicle at the time then we can fit you in for a tint.

The Benefits of Tinting Windows

  • Window Tinting blocks up to 65% of the sun's heat
  • Window Tint blocks up to 99.9% of damaging UV rays
  • Window Tints provide added protection in the event of an accident
  • Chux Tint window film provides protection against smash n grab theft  
  • Tinting your car or trucks windows protects interiors from fading and cracking
  • "Eybebrow" tint is great for when your interior visors aren't quite enough

About Window Tint Shading

The shading on your window tint can be easily varied. By choosing from our wide range of auto tint options, you can get just the shade that's perfect for your vehicle. For example

  • 5% "limo tint" is the best protection normally reserved for back windows
  • 20% is the same as most factory tinted SUV's
  • 35% is the legal limit for the front doors in both Missouri and Kansas
Keep in mind that it is MUCH easier to see OUT of window tint than it is to see inside.
Window Tint Shades Outside Looking In

Car Paint Protection Film

Chux Trux tint specialists also apply Paint Protection Film at the Tint Shop. Chux feature Lamin-X brand of Paint Protection Film. The Lamin-X film comes pre-cut to fit your vehicle, so you know it will fit right and look good. Chux also offers headlight and taillight films in an assorment of colors from red and blue to several shades of gray.  Call 816-373-0593 to speak to a tint specialist and get a quote today. 

We have a nice waiting area with TV and water cooler and plenty of magazines to read. We pride ourselves on quality work, quality tint and a reasonable price. Our cuts will be extremely close to the edge and you won't find big chunks of dirt in our tint.

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