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Carriage Works

Find your next billet grille right here in Kansas City at one of our three Chux Trux locations. Carriage Works, Inc. is the top dog when it comes to billet grilles and billet aluminum truck accessories. If you ever see a show truck that cost more than your house, with accessories and custom work you can’t even believe, chances are it has at least a few Carriage Works products. That’s the level of quality these guys put out. They don’t compromise in their standards of quality and craftsmanship and it shows.  

Makers of the Original Billet Grille in 1989, Carriage Works billet aluminum products are it when you want only the best on your truck. Their grilles follow OEM body lines so your new grille won’t change the shape or body line of your truck. And you’ve got three different installation choices when it comes to the billet grilles so you get exactly what you’re looking for: bolt over, cutout and replacement. No matter the installation choice you make, you can be sure your Carriage Works billet grille is guaranteed to fit perfect. All Carriage Works grilles are made in the USA.  

More About Carriage Works

Carriage Works, Inc. is known for having the best quality billet grilles out there. If you’re looking for a grille for your truck, check out Carriage Works products at Chux Trux. Decide what kind of grille you’re looking for because they’ve got quite the selection. There’s the regular Carriage Works Billet Grille that comes in your choice of brushed, polished or black billet aluminum. If you want to fill the front of your truck with billet, you’ll also need the Bumper Billet Grille. If the regular billet grille isn’t quite what you’re looking for, Carriage Works also has quality mesh grilles. There’s the Heavy Duty Mesh Grille, the new 3D Mesh Grille and then the Stainless Steel Mesh Grilles. They also offer a line of roll pans and other accessories for your truck. For the best in billet grilles or mesh grilles, shop Chux Trux for Carriage Works Inc. products today.