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Get your AEM cold air intake and air filters right here in Kansas City at one of our three Chux Trux locations. Aem has been increasing horsepower and performance in cars since 1987. AEM got started with the import tuner crowd and now has products across the board in the automotive industry. The most popular AEM product is the cold air intake because they really work. Shop right here at Chux Trux to find the AEM cold air intake or air filter right for your vehicle.  

More About AEM

Since AEM is known for having the best cold air intake systems on the market, you may be wondering about what other types of intake kits they make. They’ve got short ram air intakes, electronically tuned intake systems, Brute Force truck air intake systems, Brute Force HD Diesel Intake systems, Dual Chamber air intakes, Hybrid air intakes, Universal air intake kits and air components to fit almost any intake system.   

Besides having the most powerful cold air intakes in the aftermarket industry, AEM has air filters, air bypass valves, exhaust systems,  intercoolers and other performance accessories.  

For any cold air intake or other air intake system or air filter, shop at Chux in Kansas City today to find the perfect AEM product for your vehicle.