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Find your interior truck box right here in Kansas City at one of our three Chux Trux locations. Du-Ha interior truck boxes are made for people with trucks who have stuff to store. Sounds easy enough. But then the folks at Du-Ha took it a step further by creating interior truck storage boxes for specific vehicles for the absolute best fit possible. There’s wasted space beneath or behind the rear seat of your extended or crew cab truck. And if you do store things under or behind that seat, chances are your junk rolls around or gets lost. Get a Du-Ha interior truck box and contain that crap so it’ll never get lost or misplaced again.  

These interior truck boxes are great for gun storage in your truck. They’ll hold longrifles with the gun holder already inside the box and you can store several hand guns inside. It comes with two or four longrifle holders to keep them upright, depending on your truck. What makes it the perfect gun storage box is it’s a legal gun case in most states. You can also store fishing poles, sports equipment, towing accessories, emergency gear, clothes, tools or whatever else you carry around in your truck. Whatever you can fit inside the interior truck box is what it’ll safely store.  

More About Du Ha

The Du-Ha interior truck box is a cool storage box that fits so well under or behind your rear seat, you’ll forget it’s there until you need it. The Du-Ha storage box fits under the rear seat or behind the seat for the best storage and space saving solution.  

Du-Ha also offers the Tote. This truck box seals out moisture and dust, keeps your stuff safe and secure and fits in the bed of your truck or cargo area of your SUV. It also serves as a legal gun case in most states.  

Do you like slamming your knees into your ball hitch every time you walk behind your truck? Didn’t think so. A Du-Ha Receiver Caddy stores two ball mount receivers at a time to keep your knees and your receivers safe. Find all of these great exterior and interior truck box storage solutions from Du-Ha at Chux Trux today.