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Get your EGR accessories right here in Kansas City at one of our three Chux Trux locations. When you’re looking for truck accessories like bug shields, fender flares, window vent visors, side steps and sunroof air deflectors, you probably don’t know where to start. EGR is a great place to look. There are many automotive accessory companies out there that sell these kinds of products, but only a small handful that really make top-quality parts. EGR is based in Canada, but makes most of their products right here in the USA.  

More About EGR

Made from impact-resistant acrylic, EGR bug shields, window vent visors and sunroof air deflectors are made to last a lifetime. The fender flares use heavy-duty acrylic coated with a UV resistant layer. All products have limited lifetime warranties. EGR side steps are OEM quality and are even used by many OEM manufacturers around the world. You can’t have bad stuff and be picked up as an OEM product! 

The EGR Fender Flares are available in three different types: bolt-on, OEM and Rugged. The Bolt-on Fender Flares are exactly that – they are bolted on with the bolts showing for that badass, edgy look. The OEM Fender Flares are milder and look like they were made in the factory. The Rugged Fender Flares are a cross between the other two, without any bolts showing.  

EGR bug shields are available in Aerowrap, Superguard and Specialty models. All three mount away from the hood for easy cleaning and protect the entire front of your hood from nasty bug guts and rocks.  

The vent visors from EGR come in your choice of In-Channel vent visors or Tape-on vent visors. Both work perfectly to keep wind noise down while letting fresh air into your cab.  

EGR Side Steps are designed to go well with the trim along the bottom of your vehicle so they don’t look like an afterthought. The EGR side steps include a black powder-coated finish that’ll last a lifetime. The non-slip grip along the side steps help keep you from busting your butt.  

If you’re looking for any of these accessories to make you life easier – bug shields, fender flares, side steps, vent visors, sunroof wind deflectors or side steps – EGR has you covered. Get your EGR Products at Chux Chux right here in Kansas City.