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Pavement Ends

Grab your Jeep top right here in Kansas City at one of our three Chux Trux locations. Pavement Ends makes great Jeep tops like Jeep replacement tops, Jeep soft tops, Jeep bikini tops, Jeep bumpers and more. Pavement Ends is actually part of Bestop, the leading maker of Jeep tops right from the factory. They created Pavement Ends as a way to make the great products they have more affordable. The Jeep accessories are still made with the same great engineering and technology, they’re just sold at lower prices. Get all of the great Jeep accessories you can handle right here at Chux Trux today.  

More About Pavement Ends

Pavement Ends has the best replacement Jeep tops around. They’ve also got great Jeep soft tops, Jeep Cargo covers, Jeep Emergency tops, Jeep Canopy covers, Jeep cab curtains, Jeep Sun caps and Jeep flip tops. They’ve also got great Jeep front bumpers and Jeep rear bumpers that are pre-drilled for lights and accessories.  

If you’ve got a Jeep, you owe it to yourself to shop at Chux Trux and pick up some great Pavement Ends products.