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Rubicon Express

Grab your Jeep suspension parts right here in Kansas City at one of our three Chux Trux locations. Rubicon Express began in 1996 and specializes in Jeep suspension parts like Jeep lift kits and the slipped yoke eliminator kits. The Rubicon Express team is made up of devoted Jeep drivers and off roaders. They want to make the best Jeep suspension parts because they need the best Jeep suspension parts. They know and respect the time and money you invest in your Jeep. Rubicon Express suspension parts are high quality, field tested and will pass the tests you put them through. Shop at Chux Trux for all of your Rubicon Express Jeep suspension parts.  

More About Rubicon Express

The most popular Jeep suspension part made by Rubicon Express is by far the slipped yoke eliminators. Factory Jeeps aren’t equipped for the extensive off-roading and rock crawling you might want to put them through. For this reason, you’ll need a slipped yoke eliminator kit from Rubicon Express. This kit converts your factory Jeep slip yoke output shaft into a fixed yoke output. You’ll be able to tackle those steep operating angles with your lift kit.  

Check out the Rubicon Express Jeep suspension products right here at Chux Trux today and get free shipping.