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Grab your SPOD for Jeep accessories right here in Kansas City at one of our three Chux Trux locations. SPOD is like a miracle for Jeep electrical accessories. Many Jeeps can complex wiring systems which makes it very difficult to successfully wire in any electrical upgrades or accessories. Precision Designs has made SPOD and theSource  to come to every Jeep owners rescue. There’s no cutting or damage to the factory wiring system.  

You can find the SPOD you need at Chux Trux today and get your SPOD installed and ready for all of the electrical accessories you can handle,  

More About sPod

SPOD puts a stop to the difficult Jeep wiring system and lets you actually use your electrical accessories the right way. And it keeps the OEM look inside your Jeep. The sPod fits in the unused area on the center upper part of your windshield frame. There’s no drilling or cutting either. It’s clean and fits right in with your OEM style. TheSource is the power unit for the sPod and mounts under the hood. The sPod comes with six Contura switches made in it, so you can use it for one or up to six accessories. There is also an air gauge in the center of the sPod, depending on your particular vehicle.  

Add all the electrical upgrades you want to your Jeep with SPOD. Find yours at Chux Trux today.