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Get your own super springs right here in Kansas City at one of our three Chux Trux locations. SuperSprings began in California over a decade ago by creating suspension parts and accessories. These weren’t just any parts, these were suspension and handling problem solving parts for anyone towing a load with a truck, SUV, van or RV. Forget about dealing with sway, squat, sag or wheel hop with the SuperSprings solutions being produced. Come pick out your quality suspension parts and accessories right here at Chux Trux.  

More About SuperSprings

 SuperSprings not only designs and produces high-quality parts, their parts actually work and do what you need them to. Steady your tow pig that was once all over the road, improve handling by as much as 30% when not loaded down and get rid of the usual squat and sway when hauling any type of trailer. Allow your tow vehicle to perform like it should without being stiff or saggy. Shop at Chux Trux to get your suspension parts today.