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Get your Husky liners right here in Kansas City at one of our three Chux Trux locations. Husky Liners is more than just floor mats and mud flaps. The company started when the owner decided to create a great floor liner because there just wasn’t one on the market that worked well. That was 1988 and ever since, Husky Liners has probably saved more automotive carpets from stains than anything else on the market.  

Whether it’s floor liners, cargo liners, interior storage or mud flaps you need, you can find it here at Chux Trux in a full line of Husky Liner products.  

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Get your own Husky mud flaps right here at Chux Trux in Kansas City or give us a call today. Husky Mud Flaps fit your vehicle perfectly, install in less than an hour and protect your vehicleÕs paint from debris and mud from the road.

What's Included

  • They fit perfect because theyÕre made for your specific vehicle.
  • TheyÕre made of heavy-duty molded plastic and are sturdy enough to take on anything the road can throw at them.
  • The matte black finish of the Husky mud flaps is ready to be painted or used as-is.
  • Installation only requires minor drilling and can be done in less than an hour.


Item #: Husky Flaps
Condition: New
Price: $41.95


Get your Husky Dually Flaps in Kansas City right here at one of our three Chux Trux locations. Protect your truck from flying road debris with these custom molded mud flaps.

What's Included

  • Made specifically to fit your truck
  • The matte black textured finish looks good on all trucks
  • Installation is easy with the included hardware
  • Lifetime guarantee against breaking and cracking
Item #: Dually Mud Flaps
Condition: New
Price: $79.95

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More About Husky

Classic style, weatherbeater, x-act contour, gearbox interior storage, heavy duty floor mats,  

Custom molded mud guards, husky bed caps, headlight protection, paint protection, tailgates, cab racks. 

Husky Liners offers an exceptional line of floor mats, mud flaps and more. Made with the best quality and backed by the best service, Husky Liners has what you need to protect your truck and keep it clean.  

Starting with the floor mats, Husky’s Classic Style Floor Mats are the originals. Made for your specific vehicle, the Classic Style Floor Mats keep mud, dirt and everything else on the liner, not your floor. They are custom fit so there’s no gap or wiggle room for dirt to fall through onto your carpet. The WeatherBeater floor mats have all of the features of the Classic Floor Mats, but are updated to fit newer vehicles and includes a larger edge to protect your doorway. The X-Act Contour floor mats have the same benefits of the other floor mats, but fits perfectly on both carpet and vinyl floor. Husky Heavy Duty Floor Mats are made to last a lifetime. The extra thick padded driver’s heel area and deep ridges keep your feet comfortable and your floor clean.  

Husky makes interior storage boxes for under the seat of your truck. With removable dividers and custom made to fit your specific vehicle, these under seat storage boxes clean up the clutter inside your truck.  

Husky Liners make some incredible mud guards, or mud flaps, as some might say. Not only do you get a durable set of mud flaps made just for your vehicle, you get the Husky Shield Paint Protection so mud doesn’t create rust between the mud guards and your trucks paint. And these mud flaps aren’t just for trucks, Husky makes mud guards for cars, Jeeps and other vehicles. They’ve even got dually mud flaps.  

Husky makes bed caps that are unlike others on the market. With removable stake pocket covers for convenience and a custom fit for your specific vehicle, these bed caps look factory and are easy to install.  

Headlight Guards are designed to protect your headlights and keep them from looking yellow, dull and old. Apply these clear headlight guards to prevent your headlights from looking old, or apply them after polishing old headlights.  

If you don’t like the look of bug shields but you do like how they protect your vehicle, get a Husky Shield, which is a paint protector that works like a bug shield. It’s clear and installs like a sticker, so nothing shows when it’s on your truck.  

Husky also carries aluminum cab racks and fifth wheel tailgates for your working truck.  

If you’re in need a tough, dependable products that last a lifetime for your truck, look no further than Husky Liners at Chux Trux.