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Grab your Airaid air intakes and filters right here in Kansas City at one of our three Chux Trux locations. AIRAID has been making top-quality air intake kits and air filters for over 15 years. They started with the AIRAID air intake system and it all grew from there. With all of their focus on air intake tubes and filters, it’s no surprise that they’re seen as the world leader in cold air intakes for trucks, SUVs, muscle cars, diesels and Jeeps. You know - all the vehicles that really matter.  

Another thing that we like about AIRAID is that all of their parts are made in the USA. That alone is a good reason to buy from them, but they have plenty more reasons why their products are top dog in the industry. AIRAID products are made with quality material, are easy to install, look cool and perform better than you expect them to. All of the filters have a no hassle lifetime warranty. There’s really nothing else you could ask for. Except for the parts to pay for themselves. Oh wait, most of them do, since their fuel efficiency turns into savings at the pump. So there you go.  

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Air filters
Grab your air filter right here in Kansas City. Quick, your engine is choking! Do you know the automotive Heimlich maneuver? We know what to do. You need a new air filter for your truck,...More Details »
Air intakes
Get your air intake right here in Kansas City at Chux Trux. The difference between a stock air intake and a cold air intake is like the difference between dating the head cheerleader in high...More Details »
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AIRAID Products

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Find your Airaid Air filters in Kansas City right here at one of our three Chux Trux locations to get the best filters for your air intakes.

What's Included

  • Upgrade your stock filter to a better performance filter
  • Possibly increase power and performance with just an air filter
  • Reuseable filters are available
  • Made to fit many air intake systems
Item #: Airaid Air Filter
Condition: New
Price: $24.99


Get your own Airaid Cold Air Intake right here at Chux Trux in Kansas City. HowÕs a cold air intake work? Check out this scenario: You know you need more oxygen when you run or exercise. IF you run or exercise. If you donÕt, then when you do end up sprinting after the ice cream truck, youÕll definitely be inhaling more oxygen so you donÕt pass out. YouÕll also figure out sucking in cool air is much easier and effective than inhaling hot air. ItÕs the same way with your truck: more cool air = more oxygen = more efficient.

What's Included

  • Save gas and save money with the AIRAID Cold Air Intake since it makes your engine run more efficiently than the stock air intake system.
  • DonÕt hurt your brain by making it complicated. The installation for the cold air intake is simple and youÕll only need a few tools. The air box uses the factory position, so no modification is needed.
  • The AIRAID cold air intake filter is sturdy and washable, so itÕs the last air filter youÕll ever have to buy. That means you save even more money on this purchase. Go buy it already!
  • Impress your friends with the horsepower and torque you gain with an install that takes less than 30 minutes.
Lives up to the Hype

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Item #: Airaid Intake
Condition: New
Price: $164.99

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More About AIRAID

AIRAID performance cold air intakes, air filters and more: 

AIRAID Cold Air Intake Kits 

  • Standard Cold Air Intake Kit – This is the simple, easy way to get more horsepower, more torque and more efficiency out of your engine. A quick and easy installation gets you a true cold air intake system with true results.  
  • U-Build-It Air Intake System – The U-Build-It air intake kit is the way to go if you’ve got a Frankenstein-type motor and other custom parts and regular air intakes won’t fit. In a choice of several different sizes, the U-Build-It kit is only limited by your imagination.  
  • J.R. Kits – The J.R. air intake kit is great if you don’t want to mess with installing several parts or making major changes under the hood. This cold air intake kit consists of a Modular intake tube that flows much better than your stock tube. It also includes an AIRAID air filter as an exact replacement for your stock air filter.  
  • M.I.T – This is like a quick-fix air intake kit. You get the Modular Intake Tube to replace the factory air intake tube. The factory tube is full of ridges and seams, slowing the air down. The M.I.T. rushes the air through and crams it into the engine for more efficiency and power.  

AIRAID Air Intake Filters 

  • AIRAID Kit Replacement Filters – Kit replacement filters are premium AIRAID air intake filters in so many different sizes and shapes. You also get a choice between SynthaMax (dry) and SynthaFlow (oiled) premium air filters.  
  • AIRAID Pre-Filters – AIRAID pre-filters are like a protective cover for your cold air intake filters, deflecting dirt and other particles before they get the chance to get to the filter itself. It also helps keep water out of the air filter in case you’re pushing the limits of your Jeep.  
  • AIRAID Universal Air Filters – Premium universal air intake filters are available to fit just about any vehicle out there. There’s probably a few that don’t even fit on a vehicle, but AIRAID just couldn’t stop making these awesome filters. You get your choice of SynthaFlow or SynthaMax and good luck choosing the size, shape and style filter you want because there really are a ton of them. These filters work well with AIRAID cold air intake kits or with any other application.  

Throttle Body 

  • AIRAID PowerAid Throttle Body Spacer – This throttle body spacer pushes the limits of what a spacer can do. Made of high quality Aircraft Billet Aluminum, these spacers work to give your vehicle a bump in torque, horsepower and fuel efficiency. And the work, so that’s always good.  
  • AIRAID EconoAid Booster – Talk about a cool concept. This throttle body booster throws the air around like a punk and forces it into your engine in such a way, the skies open up and your gas usage goes down.