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Cargo Glide

Get your Cargo Glide bed slides right here in Kansas City at one of our three Chux Trux locations. Store things in your truck bed and keep them secure while being able to reach them at all times. Cargo Glide has bed slide systems that are like drawers. Pull them out, put your gear in and close the drawer. Done.  

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Get your CargoGlide truck bed cargo slide system in Kansas City right here at one of our three Chux Trux locations. The bed slide system allows you to easily get to your cargo without climbing all over the bed of your truck.

What's Included

  • Slide out up to 75% of the deck to reach your gear
  • The plywood deck is coated with a nylon laminated finish for durability
  • Several tie-down locations to keep things in place while on the move
  • Multiple locking positions for the slide so you can pull it out and keep it in place to load or unload
Item #: Cargo Glide
Condition: New
Price: $999.99

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More About Cargo Glide

Cargo Glide bed slides off you great, secure storage solutions for tons of things. Plus you get to keep your truck bed open for hauling cargo at the same time. Get your Cargo Glide bed slides in Kansas City from Chux Trux today.