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Get your Aries Off Road accessories right here in Kansas City at one of our three Chux Trux locations. Aries Automotive has been around for over 16 years and in that time, they’ve managed to create some of the best grille guards, side steps, bull bars and off road accessories. Since Aries specializes in aluminum, carbon fiber, tubular steel and ABS plastic, their products are awesome in both quality and design.  

When designing new parts, Aries thinks like a driver out in the real off road world to come up with the best stuff. What would make a nerf bar more usable or more convenient? What could a grille guard do if it had pre-drilled lights and bolted to your truck with no hassles? These are the things Aries thinks about when creating new products to bring to you for your truck or SUV.  

If you want cheap, junky accessories on your truck, don’t shop here. If you want your truck to stand out with quality accessories that look and work perfect, shop Chux Trux for Aries Automotive parts. 

Aries Off Road Categories

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Grille guards
Pick up your new grille guard right here in Kansas City at one of our three Chux Trux locations. Grille guards are some of the most popular accessories to customize your truck with. They’re...More Details »
Heavy Duty Off Road Bumpers
Find great heavy duty off road Jeep bumpers right here in Kansas City. To complete your Jeep’s rugged looks, you need. No one is going to take you serious about any off road stories or...More Details »
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Aries Off Road Products

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Find your Aries Heavy duty Jeep Bumpers in Kansas City right here at one of our three Chux Trux locations for gear you can trust off-road and beyond.

What's Included

  • Made from solid-steel plates, stainless tubing and carbon steel plating
  • Finished with matte black textured powdercoat finish for scratch resistance and good looks
  • Rear bumper boats 3-piece design so you can configure the perfect bumper for you
  • Includes mounts and cutouts for lighting
Item #: Aries Jeep Bumpers
Condition: New
Price: $499.99


Get your Aries grille guards in Kansas City right here at one of our three Chux Trux locations. This guard does a great job at protecting your truck on the street or off-road.

What's Included

  • Custom-designed to fit your specific vehicle perfectly
  • Heavy duty 1 1/2? steel tubing construction for strength
  • One-piece design makes this grille guard super strong
  • Choose from black powder coated or polished stainless steel finishes
Item #: Grille Guard
Condition: New
Price: $419.99

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More About Aries Off Road

Aries Automotive carries aftermarket parts that help make your vehicle more useful to you on a daily basis. Grille guards, bull bars, side steps, headache racks, security lock boxes and more work to make your life easier. The Aries grille guard, or brush guard, mounts solid on the frame with no drilling required and is available in polished stainless steel or black powedercoat. The Aries bull bars mount to the frame and include mounts for auxiliary lights and a removable skid plate. Bull bars are available in polished stainless steel and satin black. The Stealth and Pro series bull bars are available in black texture carbon steel and hi-gloss black pearl stainless steel. Aries Big Horn bull bars are available in black texture, stainless steel and black powdercoated aluminum. For a bull bar for your small SUV or CUV, try the Aries Sport Bar. It looks similar to the bull bar but fitting for smaller vehicles.  

If stepping up into your truck or SUV isn’t as easy as you’d like it to be, get a set of Aries side steps. They’ve got 3” tube steps in stainless and black, and 4” tube steps in stainless, black and black textured carbon. There are 4” oval side steps in stainless steel and black powdercoat and 6” oval side steps in stainless steel. And if you often have to climb into your truck in the dead of night down a dark alley, get a set of 4” GLO-Steps with Electro Luminescent Illumination in the center of the step pad. For the ultimate quality side steps, go with a set of Pro-Series side steps in stainless steel or black textured finishes.  

If you drive a Toyota JF Cruiser and are looking for some cool accessories, Aries has them. FJ bull bars in black or stainless, grab handles in brushed aluminum, FJ taillight guards in stainless or black carbon, 4” oval side steps in black carbon or stainless steel, painted-to-match spare tire covers and a retriever sport bar in stainless.  

For the commercial Transit Connect driver we’ve got a Front Utility Push Bar, Front Deluxe Push bar and Rear Bumper Bar. Since most Transit Connects are used for fleet service or commercial use, Aries has aluminum light tabs and a traffic cone/pylon holder that mounts easily to the front push bar.  

If it’s a Fiat 500 that floats your boat, Aries has accessories for you too. Fiat 500 side rails with racer end caps, back bumpers, sports bar and license plate relocation bracket. Mini Cooper lovers will like the choice of black carbon or stainless sports bar, side rails and license plate relocation bracket with Smart Bolt. Is a Smart Car is how you get around town, why not add some cool Aries accessories to make that Smart Car even smarter? There’s the side rails, interior sport bars, back bumper, sport bumper, rear basket, license plate relocation bracket and smart bolt.  

Aries also carries carbon steel headache racks, security lock boxes, universal mud flaps, aluminum light tabs to mount lights on your sport bars, chrome fuel doors and chrome or paintable mirror cover replacements.  

Aries has something for everyone and you can get what you need at Chux Trux today.